Triplan International A/S is a Danish company that specialises in flexible wall systems and also delivers components for steel/plaster building systems. Our systems are developed to be able to be used in any building so that they suit the surroundings -  architecturally, climate-wise and culturally.


In short: We create frameworks for well-being.


Triplan’s set of values means that we are

•   Innovative

•   Ambitious

•   Create value

•   Passionate

•   Careful



TP Lite Twin double full glass wall

Triplan’s mission:

We make it possible for our customers to deliver competitive solutions - with Danish quality.

We make it easy to cooperate with Triplan with confidence.

We hold our customers by the hand ... all the way!

Our focus is always on our customers.


Triplan’s vision:

We set the standard!

The best high-quality solutions. Every time.

Effective and value-creating logistics.

Quick and effective remedies when things go wrong ...

Not always the least expensive - but always competitive.



Long experience

Triva, later Triplan, was founded in 1946.

With extensive experience with the design and fabrication of glass walls and partitions and the production of steel/plaster building components, Triplan shows how to do it.

Triplan walls can be seen in more than 40 countries. More than 15 million m² Triplan walls have been delivered worldwide. All of our walls are produced in Denmark by specialised employees.
Triplan has its own production based on fully automatic roll forming machines and robots at the factory.

Therefore, our customers always have the opportunity to enter into a close dialogue with our technicians about design and technical details, both before buying and in connection with mounting.

A close dialogue with our technicians

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