Steel and aluminium - the green metals

Triplan floor slab in steel

At Triplan we primarily produce our wall systems in steel or aluminium. Both materials are long-lasting, sustainable materials. In fact, aluminium, just after oxygen and silicon, is the most common substance on the surface of the earth.



Steel is a robust and very long-lasting material. Once steel has been produced, its life cycle is potentially unending. It can be reused time after time without losing its good properties. Due to the magnetic properties of steel, it is easy to extract from scrap and thus easy to recycle.


Steel is a robust material that has a lifetime in buildings of at least 40-100 years and can be kept in buildings with a lot or wear without having to be replaced - and with the new high-strength lightweight steel, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, which required 83,000 tonnes of steel in 1937, would only require half of that amount if it were to be built today.

(source: World Steel Association)




Thanks to its resistance to corrosion and the strength of the material, products based on aluminium generally have a long lifetime.

Aluminium can be used again and again without the metal losing its unique properties.


Calculations show that 75 per cent of all of the aluminium that has ever been produced is still in use. When remelting, no more than 5% of the energy that was used in the original production of the metal is used and at the same time, the emission of greenhouse gases is reduced by 95%.


The lifetime of products that contain aluminium sections is long. Within construction, for example, it is 40-50 years. 

Triplan TP Lite base profile in aluminium for glass wall
TP Lite base profile in aluminium
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TP Lite full glass wall
  • Triplan develops and produces while focusing on the environment.

  • Our system walls are developed while thinking of the environment.

  • Triplan has a uniquely built wall system that can be moved and reused as needed.

  • This ensures a long lifetime and less damage to the environment.

  • Our walls are made of materials that can be reused and after their final use, all of the primary products can be sent to recycling
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