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Triplan sorts all waste

At Triplan we focus on the environment.

>95% of all waste is recycled. Waste from steel and aluminium production, which are our primary products is 100% recycled. (Read more about Triplan´s steel and aluminium production).


Glass is melted at our glass suppliers and is 100% recycled. Plaster waste is crushed and is 100% recycled in new plaster production. Wooden pallets have their own returning system and are returned to our suppliers, which then use them for delivering our raw materials.

- All of this contributes to benefitting our environment.

Waste sorting

Triplan sorts all waste. There are agreements regarding the recycling of the following materials: Paper, cardboard, wood, steel, aluminium, glass, plaster, coolants and oil waste, as well as wastewater from machines. Whatever cannot be included in the above, which is a very small percentage, is driven to the local recycling centre for sorting or to incineration plants.


Triplan has an annual external environmental inspection. Here, the primary focus is on storing and reusing materials, emissions from the factory and a review of cooperation agreements with recycling companies.

All of this with a focus on minimal damage to the environment.

Triplan waste management for recycling
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TP Lite full glass wall
  • Triplan develops and produces while focusing on the environment.

  • Our system walls are developed while thinking of the environment.

  • Triplan has a uniquely built wall system that can be moved and reused as needed.

  • This ensures a long lifetime and less damage to the environment.

  • Our walls are made of materials that can be reused and after their final use, all of the primary products can be sent to recycling
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