Triplan wooden Vestas frame

At Triplan we can also produce our frames out of wood, which is a carbon-dioxide neutral resource. For Vestas, we have specially developed a T frame out of wood, which is suited to the TRIPLAN LITE full glass wall.

Wooden frames and doors

The suppliers of Triplan’s wooden doors have adopted policies for recycling materials and sustainable energy, and to an increasing extent they get all of their materials from sustainable sources.


They have a policy regarding the purchase of sustainable timber and are very proud to have received *FSCTM and **PEFCTM multisite chain of custody certification for all of their European markets.


*Forest Stewardship Council™
**Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes


All of their doors comply with the EU Timber Regulation that went into force in March 2013 with the goal of combating trade with illegally felled timber.


Read more about wood and sustainability 

Triplan TP Lite wooden frame
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TP Lite full glass wall
  • Triplan develops and produces while focusing on the environment.

  • Our system walls are developed while thinking of the environment.

  • Triplan has a uniquely built wall system that can be moved and reused as needed.

  • This ensures a long lifetime and less damage to the environment.

  • Our walls are made of materials that can be reused and after their final use, all of the primary products can be sent to recycling
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