TP Acoustic BIM-objects

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TP Acoustic 3D view

TP Acoustic project rvt



TP Acoustic Door full height rfa

TP Acoustic Door with top panel rfa

TP Acoustic Glass Panel rfa

TP Acoustic Double Door full height rfa

TP Acoustic Double Door with top panel rfa



19615 TP Acoustic Section 30x54, 5x30 mm rfa  

19625 TP Acoustic Sectionl 40x54, 5x40 mm rfa   

1975 TP Acoustic door frame rfa

19646-19647 TP Acoustic module jointing - glass against glass rfa

19610-19611 TP Acoustic module jointing - 2 piece H-section rfa

19605-19606 TP Acoustic corner jointing 90 rfa



Please download the BIM-file, save it on your own computer, open the required program Revit, open the BIM-file from Revit.



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