EPD Environmental Product Declaration

Triplan has completed proper documentation 

Triplan has a strong focus on sustainability, and the first step towards a greater understanding of the impact that the production of our products puts on the climate is transparency and traceability in relation to our raw materials and our production, ie the products' environmental properties.


EPDs on glazed walls as well as structural sections 

Triplan has therefore chosen to have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) completed on both our product lines - glazed walls and structural sections – this means the glazed wall system TRIPLAN LITE and structural sections, fittings and steel coverings. This makes it easier for our customers and for ourselves to gain insight into the climate impact of our products and can also facilitate the work with scoring in relation to e.g. DGNB certification.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCAs) - and 3rd party verified EPDs 

The basis for Triplan's EPDs is a collection of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), prepared by the Danish Technological Institute, which maps the products' environmental impacts in a process from cradle to gate. The EPDs document both CO2 footprint, consumption of energy resources and waste streams. The four EPDs are all 3rd party verified by Niras A/S in accordance with ISO 14025 & EN 15804 and can also be found on EPD Denmark's website.




EPD. TRIPLAN LITE | 34 - 50 dB
Environmental Product Declaration. Glazed walls sound-rated 34 - 50 dB
EPD TRIPLAN LITE glazed walls 34 - 50 dB
Environmental Product Declaration. Glazed walls fire-rated E - EI
EPD. TRIPLAN LITE glazed walls E - EI
Environmental Product Declaration. Triplan structural sections
EPD. Triplan structural sections
Environmental Product Declaration. Polyethylene mat for structural sections
EPD. Triplan Polyethylene mat





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