Triplan Fire-rated glass walls

TP Fire Lite fire-rated full glass partion

Our popular fire-rated wall TP Fire, is a glass frame partition that complies with all fire requirements. Triplan also has a number of module-constructed system walls (Flexica, Flexica Line and Ventura/Open), which comply with various requirements for fire classification.


TP Fire - a fire-rated glass partition

Triplan’s fire-rated glass partition, TP Fire is an elegant glass wall, known for slim sections and aesthetic details that also look nice even at close distance.  TP Fire is an effective fire-retardant system with a single layer of glass and steel or aluminium frames with slim joints.  TP Fire is delivered with fire classification E30-EI60 and of course with an option for individual sizes.


Choose between

TP Fire S, the elegant fire-rated glass wall with steel frames.
TP Fire A, the strong fire-rated glass wall with aluminium frames and
TP Fire Lite, the fire-rated full glass wall without joints 



Look at the product brochure and assembly instruction here:

and find more assembly instructions on our download page with technical info


Product brochure
TP Fire Product brochure
Triplan TP Fire fire-rated glass wall

Triplan A/S produce all steel and aluminium frames in house in our own factory – this means that we can supply high quality at a very short notice.


We are known to test the best solutions for the design, materials and function by building mock-up's and produce prototypes - often in close collaboration with our customers - and this is only possible when our production is located in Denmark.


Our production facilities are modern and flexible, which makes it possible for Triplan to offer totally individual solutions, whether it is a fire-rated glass partition in a dry wall or a concrete wall ot you need a fire-rated glass partition from ceiling to floor.



Triplans fire-rated system walls 

Triplan also has a number of system walls (FlexicaFlexica Line and Ventura/Open), which comply with various requirements for fire classification. Flexica and Flexica Line is delivered as module-constructed glass walls or with a combination of glass and solid modules. Ventura/Open is a closed wall.


We divide our fire-classified walls into categories E30EW30EW60EI30, EI60 og EI90 and more so it is easier for you to choose the right type of wall.


For other requirements, please contact Triplan at


+45 43 53 99 99



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