Fire-rated glass partition TP Fire A

TP FIRE A - a strong and attractive fire-rated glass wall in aluminium frames

Triplan delivers classified and unclassified aluminium-framed glass doors with side partitions that belong to them, which can comply with fire requirements such as E 30, EI 30, EW 30 and EI 60, as well as various sound requirements and requirements for smoke sealing CSA.

Our production facilities are modern and flexible, which makes it possible for Triplan to offer totally individual solutions and sizes that make the project unique - without resulting in long delivery times.


Glass partitions

The glass partitions are delivered with a single layer of glass, typically fire-rated glass with thicknesses from 6-41 mm, depending on the fire rating wanted. Glass junctions with transoms or as TP FIRE LITE: A full glass wall with sealed joints. An attractive and simple system! Here, Triplan delivers a TP Fire solution in full glass, which in an aluminium frame can comply with fire requirements such as EI 30 and EI 60.


Aluminium frames

The aluminium frames are delivered naturally anodised or with RAL 9010 and can also be delivered with the surface treatment of your choice. The frame thickness is 69 mm, the installation depth is 50-80 mm and the joint thickness is 96-98 mm, depending on the classification requirement.


Unclassified aluminium frame partitions

TP Fire A is also delivered with unclassified glass partitions, a robust and suitable solution for buildings with a lot of wear, such as hospital buildings, schools and institutions.


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TP Fire Product brochure
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