Triplan custom-made glazed walls


Triplan offers different types of glass wall systems. The elegant glazed wall system TRIPLAN LITE® in a minimalistic design with very slim sections. Complies with sound-reduction rating requirements up to 50 dB. TP LITE TWIN is a double glazed wall system. Patented fire solution E - EI.Triplan also supplies a fire-rated glass frame partition called TP Fire, a robust and suitable solution for buildings with a lot of wear.  If you need to have new products developed or a custom-made special solution, contact Triplan. We would be pleased to share our experience and expertise. We manage production right up close - and preferably in cooperation with our customers.





What kind of glass should you choose?

A glass wall may consist of, for example, a single layer of tempered float glass. The sound-rate and the glass size will determine the thickness of the glass. The glass is tempered in a process, where it will be baked at large temperatures og afterwards is cooled down with air under pressure. This leads to a glass 7 times as strong as before the tempering. The glass can be jointed vertically with dry silicone tape, a wet sealed joint or a metal joint.


Safety glass

Remember to use the right type of safety glass and that safety glass must be marked to minimise the possibility that inattentive people bump into the glass.



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