System walls from Triplan

Flexica system glass wall

Triplan has a wide range of well-proven system walls.

Our system walls are delivered both as glass walls and a solid walls with different surfaces, for example, MDF or plasterboard with wallpaper, metal or veneer.

Choose between

Flexica, modular glass wall with slim joints

Flexica Line, like Flexica but delivered with horizontal transoms. Strong when the walls are unusually high or wide 

Ventura/Open, modular solid wall in a minimalistic design

Ventura Open system wall

Easy to install

Triplan partitioning systems are easy to install. The various systems are all based on the same components, so that a wall can be converted to another type; a glazed wall can, for example, be changed to or integrated with a panel-covered wall in a short time and without dismantling the whole structure.


Triplan partitioning systems are delivered ready for immediate installation and use. Most components in a Triplan wall can be re-used in connection with re-location. The basic construction of the partitioning system provides excellent sound, fire and environmental properties

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Triplan system walls - a good choise


One of our most thoroughly tested products, a module-constructed glass wall with slim joints, which can also be delivered as solid walls with panels of, for example, MDF or plasterboard with wallpaper, metal or veneer. You decide yourself.


Flexica Line
Flexica in a version with horizontal metal joints. A strong construction so that the system functions optimally for unusual wall heights and wall widths.


Ventura og Ventura Open

Module-constructed, pattern-free solid wall with a minimalistic design - with a discrete V joint in the module joint. Constructionally, Ventura Open is the same as Ventura, but is characterised by narrow, open module joints. Suitable as classic panel walls with, for example, a veneer finish.