Ventura / Open - system walls

Ventura Open system wall

Ventura - closed wall with or without open grooves

Despite its minimalistic design, Ventura is a truly movable module-constructed interior wall in line with other products in the Triplan range. It’s a sectionless movable interior wall with a pencil line junction, still modules can be disassembled and replaced independently of each other with, for example, glass or door modules.

A good alternative to the traditional plaster wall

Ventura is a good alternative to the traditional plaster wall. Noise and dust-free mounting and moving are carried out quickly without the use of special tools. Ventura is delivered in wall thicknesses from 100 to 165 mm with a sound reduction Rw from 43 to 53 dB.

Triplan Ventura system wall

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Ventura Open

Is a variant of Ventura - it simply has open grooves. As is the case for other products in the Triplan range, it is fully integrable with other products and it is also moveable. Ventura Open is delivered in wall thicknesses from 100 to 165 mm with a sound reduction Rw from 42 to 52 dB.

Both wall types have been tested to be able to comply with fire ratings up to 60 minutes.


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Ventura and Ventura Open are delivered with panels with different surfaces, for example, MDF or plasterboard with wallpaper, metal or veneer. Ventura is assembled with back clips and has a discrete V joint in the module joints that gives a flat wall with a nearly uninterrupted surface.

Ventura Open is characterised by the open joints, which can vary from 6 - 17 mm.


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Module sizes

Modules are delivered in widths from 300 mm to 1200 mm and are carried out as standard in widths of 900 mm and 1200 mm. Max. height 3600 mm. Standard door size is M9 x 21 or M10 x 21. They can also be delivered in full height and other module sizes.




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Triplan Ventura brochure
Triplan Ventura Open brochure
Triplan Ventura technical brochure
Triplan Ventura Open technical brochure


Triplan Ventura system drywall
  • Module-constructed, moveable wall system
  • Minimal mounting time
  • All components are delivered ready to mount
  • Most elements can be reused when renovating
  • Simple module replacement, for example from glass to plaster or door to glass
  • High sound and fire insulation ability