TRIPLAN LITE | Rw 46 - 50 dB

Glazed wall system TRIPLAN LITE | 46 - 50 dB.

Rw 46 - 50 dB

Sound-rated glass wall with a simple design. TRIPLAN LITE®  | rw 46 - 50 dB is a full glass wall solution which accommodates extra high demands for sound reduction. A solution with design and functionality in one design. The glass is held in position by runners at head and floor and the glasses are joined vertically using an acoustic tape and liquid joint material. Optionally using a narrow aluminium H section. 


Type            Thickness            Sound reduction          Max. height        Fire classification
Isolation glas41 mm46 dB4,5 m-
Isolation glas41 mm50 dB4,5 m-
•   The sound reduction depends on which glass type and thickness of glass that is used.
•   The glass thickness depends on the room height.
•   The glass height is a recommendation. Width and height relations are interdependent.

Safety glass

Remember to use the right type of safety glass and that safety glass must be marked to minimise the possibility that inattentive people bump into the glass.




There are endless design options within the TRIPLAN LITE® glass wall system. We have chosen to divide our designs into three main categories:


ALU: The classic office glazed wall

NEW YORK: The modern take on an old cassic

WOOD: The well-known solutions in a warm and beautiful finish


You are always welcome to contact us, if you have other wishes and ideas.



Glazed wall. Runners in i aluminium
Glazed wall. New York style
Glazed walls. Wooden framing design

Please choose design category:

Design Aluminium
Glazed walls. New York style
Wooden design. Glazed walls.



TRIPLAN LITE®  |  rw 46 - 50 dB - solutions:

You can find projects with classic simple glass wall solutions here:


Nexus Cph

The Foreign Ministry - Copenhagen

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