Glazed wall system TRIPLAN LITE | E - EI

E - EI

Fire tested, patented glazed wall solution in a stylish design 

If the requirements for fire safety are high, TRIPLAN LITE® with the properties E - EI is the right solution. Here the TRIPLAN LITE® glass wall system combines the simple and minimalistic design with high fire safety. TRIPLAN LITE®  |  E - EI are delivered with a single layer of glass, typically fire rated glass, with thicknesses depending on the fire rating wanted and the wall height.




There are endless design options within the TRIPLAN LITE® glass wall system. We have chosen to divide our designs into three main categories:


ALU: The classic office glazed wall

NEW YORK: The modern take on an old cassic

WOOD: The well-known solutions in a warm and beautiful finish


You are always welcome to contact us, if you have other wishes and ideas.




Please choose design category:



TRIPLAN LITE®  |  E - EI - solutions:

You can find projects with fire-rated glass wall solutions here:


Limfjord theatre

Hotel Alsik


Get more information about the TRIPLAN LITE® | glazed wall system in the brochure



Glazed wall system TRIPLAN LITE | 34 - 43 dB.
Glazed wall system TRIPLAN LITE | 46 - 50 dB.

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