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Glass walls

With the complete glass wall system Triplan Lite®, Triplan has a broad range of attractive glass wall solutions, both as full glass walls (frameless partitions) with sealed joints or glass walls that meet the special requirements for sound reduction or fire classification. Triplan Lite® is an elegant solution with one or more layers of glass and slim sections.  Triplan Lite® complies with fire requirements EW 30 - EI 60 and sound reduction p to Rw 50 dB.


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Triplan has a broad range of various door solutions, both as glass doors and wooden doors.


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System walls

Triplan has a high-quality, thoroughly tested selection of system walls, both as glass walls and solid walls with different surfaces, for example, MDF or plasterboard with wallpaper, metal or veneer. 


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Drywall, plasterboards and steel sections

Triplan production, the factory in Ishøj, Denmark

See our broad range of plasterboards and steel products. You can get everything when it comes to steel sections for drywalls, steel loadbearing slabs, suspended ceilings, plasterboards and insulation and exterior walls.


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