Drywall plasterboards and steel sections

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  • Vinkel samling c og u profiler800x508

    Vinkel til samling af C- og U-profiler. Triplan.

  • Tes etagedaek triplan 01 800x508

    TES Etagedæk med C- og U-profiler. Triplan.

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    Ekstra høj indervæg med slidste hjørneprofil. Triplan.

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    TES Etagedæk med C- og U-profiler. Triplan.

  • Teleskopskinne triplan 01 800x508

    Teleskopskinne til ekstra høj indervæg. Triplan.

  • Indervaeg triplan 02 800x496

    Ekstra høj indervæg og TES etagedæk. Triplan.

Contact Triplan at


+45 43 53 99 99


Our tecnical team are ready to provide you with help and advise on our products.


You may also send us an e-mail:


Take a look at the brochure (in danish):


Steel sections for drywalls

Large stock and quick delivery in high quality. Also trims for suspended ceilings.

Steel loadbearing floor slab

Tested in West European laboratories – meets even the strictest demands.

Suspended ceilings

Excellent abilities in terms of sound absorption, fire safety and aesthetics.

Plasterboards and insulation

Wide selection of plasterboards in high quality. Also available with vinylized surface.

Exterior walls

Meets the strictest demands to fire safety, sound absorption and load.



Steel loadbearing floorslabs

Montagevejledning gipsvægge

Steel section drywall

Assembly instructions

(in danish)

Montagevejledning etagedæk

TES steel loadbearing floor slabs

Assembly instructions

(in danish)



Selection and prices – consult Triplan.

Triplan drywall under construction

Triplan has its own factory in Denmark

All of Triplan’s production and processing of steel and aluminium sections takes place at our own factory in Denmark.

Triplan has modern machinery, including fully automatic roll forming machines and packing machines, robots for vinylizing of plaster boards, processing centres and much more.


When you do business with Triplan you are assured maximum flexibility and Denmark's shortest delivery times.


Contact Triplan at


+45 43 53 99 99


to learn more on your options when you are in need of drywall plasterboards and steel sections.

Triplan delivers daily load / crane cars throughout Denmark

We pack as customers want it and ensure that materials are practical and properly packed and loaded.

Is it more urgent than our trucking companies can reach, just call and place your order, then we do the goods ready for pick up.

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