Light exterior walls

Triplan selection of runners and posts

Quick delivery

We are specialized in quick delivery. Sections can be produced in flexible lengths and special sections are usually made available in 2-6 days.

We meet the strictest demands

Triplan supply runners for exterior walls, posts and various sections that meet the strictest demands to fire, sound and strength.

Large stock

We have a large stock of standard steel sections and can have goods ready for pick-up in a few hours. You may also come and pick-up here.

Selection and prices – consult Triplan.




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Special sections with corrosion protection

Mounting of special facade sections at Novo delivered in corrosion class C 3 and C5. Read more about  surface treatment here

Contact Triplan at


+45 43 53 99 99


Our tecnical team are ready to provide you with help and advise on our products.


You may also send us an e-mail:

Triplan exterior wall under construction

Cladding of exterior walls

Triplan is furthermore also able to supply cladding of exterior walls – Triplan’s weather defense boards (WDB) are developed especially and designed for cladding of exterior walls.


WDB is an inorganic material and with a water rejecting glass fiber coating. It is extremely weather resistant and stands being exposed to weather for up to 6 months.


See performance declaration of steel sections here

Exterior sections