Fire-rated walls E 30

Glass wall  Flexica Line

The following shows all Triplan glass walls with the fire classification E30.

The fire resistance of a fire-rated partition is indicated in minutes. When the requirement for a fire-rated wall is E 30, it means that the wall must keep flames and gases out for 30 minutes during a fire.


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  • Wall types
  • Glass thickness
  • mm
  • Wall thickness
  • mm
  • Weight of glass 
  • kg/m²
  • Fire classification


TP Fire S 8 mm85020E30
TP Fire A 8 mm86520E30
Flexica Line 2 (TFL-2)-100-F30

Unclassified frame partitions

TP Fire is also delivered with unclassified glass partitions. The unclassified steelframe thickness is only 45 mm. A good choise when it comes to buildings with a lot of wear, such as hospital buildings, schools and institutions.

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The fire resistance of part of a construction is classified in accordance with European fire classes if tests have been carried out in accordance with the new European testing methods.



The relationship between the previous Danish fire classes and the new European fire classes:


BS-30 = EI 30 A2-s1,d0

BS-60 = EI 60 A2-s1,d0

BD-30 = EI 30

BD-60 = EI 60

F-30 = E 30

F-60 = E 60



E: Integrity

I: Insulation

W: Radiation

A2-s1,d0: Inflammable

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