Fire-rated walls EI 30

TP Fire Lite fire-rated glass wall EI30

The following shows all Triplan glass walls with the fire classification EI 30.
Some of these products have been tested in accordance with the Danish designations.


The EI-class is a technical fire classification which in addition to keeping flames and smoke back also ensures that the fire doesn´t get through the glass. To comply with fire requirements EI 30, the glass must in addition to keeping flames and smoke back also keep the heat out for 30 minutes (fire class EI 30).


To ensure a EI 30 fire classification Triplan uses a clear fire-resistant personal safety glass with 30 minutes of integrity and insulation consisting of several layers of hardened safety glass +  gel layers which in case of fire foams and forms an opaque barrier which effectively makes a thermal insulating shield for 30 minutes. 


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  • Wall types
  • Glass thickness
  • mm
  • Wall thickness
  • mm
  • Weight of glass
  • kg/m²
  • Fire classification


TP Fire S 16 mm166034EI30
TP Fire S Lite 23 mm236052EI30
TP Fire A 16 mm168034EI30
TP Fire A Lite 23 mm238052EI30
Flexica 1-11 (TF1-11)-100-BS30
Flexica 2-11 (TF2-11)-75-BS30
Ventura 1-11 (TV1-11)-100-BS30

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The fire resistance of part of a construction is classified in accordance with European fire classes if tests have been carried out in accordance with the new European testing methods.



The relationship between the previous Danish fire classes and the new European fire classes:


BS-30 = EI 30 A2-s1,d0

BS-60 = EI 60 A2-s1,d0

BD-30 = EI 30

BD-60 = EI 60

F-30 = E 30

F-60 = E 60



E: Integrity

I: Insulation

W: Radiation

A2-s1,d0: Inflammable

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