Fire-rated partitions EI 90 and more

Module-constructed interior wall Ventura

The following shows all Triplan fire-rated walls with fire classification more than EI 60. Some of these products have been tested in accordance with the Danish designations.


Fire requirements higher than EI 60? Our module-constructes interior walls complies with the most stringent requirements regarding fire-ratings. The system wall Flexica meet fire requirements of up to BS 120. The wall construction typically consist of a steel frame structure with two layers of plaster on each side and insulated with mineral wool.


A Fire-rated glass partition with fire requirements higher than EI 60

If you need a glass partition that conplies with fire requirements higher than EI 60, you are welcome to get in touch with us. The fire-rated glass partition TP Fire is as standard delivered with glass up to EI 60, but it is possible to create solutions with a higher fire resistance.


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Flexica 2-12 (TF2-12)1005049EI90
Flexica 2-21 (TF2-21)1502x502x49BS90
Flexica 2-22 (TF2-22)1652x502x49BS120
Ventura 2-22 (TV2-22)1652x502x49BS90

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The fire resistance of part of a construction is classified in accordance with European fire classes if tests have been carried out in accordance with the new European testing methods.



The relationship between the previous Danish fire classes and the new European fire classes:


BS-30 = EI 30 A2-s1,d0

BS-60 = EI 60 A2-s1,d0

BD-30 = EI 30

BD-60 = EI 60

F-30 = E 30

F-60 = E 60



E: Integrity

I: Insulation

W: Radiation

A2-s1,d0: Inflammable

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