Full glass walls

TP Lite full glass wall

Triplans full glass walls - slim profiles and almost invisible joints.
Produced in Denmark.

A full glass wall is a glass wall with taped or sealed joints instead of metal joints ie. a full glass wall is ideal when you are looking for optimal openness and transparency.


According to recent research the open plan offices are here to stay with benefits such as transparency, openness and flexibility. And with disadvantages such as noise, problems with indoor air quality and lack of privacy. 


At Triplan we are aware of both the pros and cons  - and in close cooperation with architects and our customers we help to design and produce glass walls that preserve openness and transparency while reducing noise and interruptions. The establishment of smaller meeting rooms and quiet rooms and partitions facing the aisles are just some of the efforts to get the premises to function.

Triplan walls provide a better environment for both employees and employers.

Triplan´s most popular full glass wall - TP Lite

TP Lite is as standard a frameless partition with sections and frames in aluminium. The glass is fixed in aluminium sections on the top, sides and bottom. TP Lite is available with glass doors, solid doors and with or without glazed overpanels. Triplan can also provide solutions with sliding doors or pivot operated doors.


A frameless partition with double layers of glass - TP Lite Twin

TP Lite Twin is a full glass wall with two layers of glass, a beautiful and simple solution, that goes together with the full glass wall TP Lite - and complies with sound reduction up to 42 dB.



Triplan TP Lite frameless partition

Special solutions - we put up with experience and expertise

We are always ready to develop custom-made solutions. e.g. special-produced wooden frames, so doors and frame can appear as a material-related whole, glass sliding doors or doors with wooden overpanel. We have even thrown us into producing glass meeting rooms that are suspended in an atrium.


If you need advice on individual solutions, please contact Triplan at


+45 43 53 99 99


Special demands - we have the solution

Do you need a full glass wall with extra demands such as sound reduction or fire requirements, we have developed the wall systems TP Acoustic, a sound-proofed glass wall, available as a full glass wall or with thin metal joints - and TP Fire Lite, a full glass wall that meet fire requirements up to EI 60.



TP Lite Twin double full glass wall

Choose between

TP Lite, the classic full glass wall

TP Lite Twin, the double full glass wall, 
TP Fire Lite the fire-rated full glass wall

TP Acoustic, the sound-rated wall, also available with a narrow vertical joint

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Triplan full glass walls - the right choise

TP Lite
An elegant full glass wall, which with its slender frames and nearly invisible joints, is our most popular glass wall.


TP Lite Twin
A double glass wall, which when there are high demands regarding sound reduction and a section-free frameless look, achieves the same visual effect as single glass.


TP Fire Lite 
Fire-rated glass wall, sealed without metal joints, with steel or aluminium frames. Completely simple.


TP Acoustic
Sound-rated glass wall with thermopane glass and sound reduction up to 50 dB.

Triplan flexible wall solutions

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