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Frameless partition with sliding glass door

Triplan has a wide and exciting range of glass walls.


We divide our glass walls into different categories so it is easier for you to find the wall type that is just right.

This includes glass walls that are well-suited for, for example, sound-rated and classified fire-rated glass walls.


Frameless partitions:

Glass walls without joints. The glass fields have sealed or taped joints and are fastened at the top and the bottom by a simple runner system.


Glass walls with joints:

The same principle as the full glass wall; here the jointing is with narrow vertical joints.


System glass walls:

Module-constructed wall systems with joints and with glass or solid panels. 


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TP Lite - Full glass wall
Triplan TP Lite full glass wall
TP Lite Twin - Double full glass wall
TP Lite Twin double full glass wall
TP Acoustic - Sound-rated glass wall
Glass wall Triplan TP Acoustic system
TP Fire - Fire-rated glass wall
Fire-rated glass partition Triplan TP Fire
TP Fire Lite - Fire-rated full glass wall
Glass wall Triplan. TP Fire Lite fire-rated glass partition
Flexica - System wall in glass
Glass wall Triplan Flexica system





What kind of glass should you choose?

A glass wall may consist of, for example, a single layer of tempered float glass. The sound-rate and the glass size will determine the thickness of the glass. The glass is tempered in a process, where it will be baked at large temperatures og afterwards is cooled down with air under pressure. This leads to a glass 7 times as strong as before the tempering. The glass can be jointed vertically with dry silicone tape, a wet sealed joint or a metal joint.


Safety glass

Remember to use the right type of safety glass and that safety glass must be marked to minimise the possibility that inattentive people bump into the glass.



Read more about safety glass and guidelines for choosing safety glass guidelines for choosing safety glass

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