Triplan Lite Rw 47 - 50 dB

Sound-rated glass wall with a simple design

TRIPLAN LITE® 47 - 50 dB is a full glass wall solution which accommodates extra high demands for sound reduction. A solution with design and functionality in one design.  


TRIPLAN LITE® 47 - 50 dB is a solution with one layer of glass. The glass is held in position by aluminium runners at head and floor and the glasses are joined vertically using an acoustic tape and liquid joint material. Optionally using a narrow aluminium H section.


TRIPLAN LITE® 47 - 50 dB doors are optionally glazed or solid, hung in the special TRIPLAN LITE® 47 - 50 dB doorframe in aluminium.


Glass partitions

The glass partitions are delivered with a single layer of toughened and laminated glass with thicknesses up to 41 mm, depending on the sound rating wanted. The wall is supplied with a narrow vertical joint designed as a two-piece H profile in the same width as other TRIPLAN LITE® solutions.  


TRIPLAN LITE® 47 - 50 dB is also available with taped or sealed joints instead of metal joints. The joints in glass walls or glass corners must be performed with TRIPLAN LITE® sealant for thermo acoustic glass, tested and approved by Triplan. 

Sections and door frames

The TRIPLAN LITE® sections are always available in heights of 30 or 40 mm. The sections are  aluminium sections with two-piece bottom runners and are delivered as standard powder-lacquered in white RAL 9010, black RAL 9005 or anodised. Sections and door frames can be delivered in different colours, optionally stainless steel.

TRIPLAN LITE® has a specially designed narrow aluminium door frame, which can be easily mounted into place and it is even easy to move or replace a solid wooden door with a glass door (or vice versa). Triplan has a full glass solution that accommodates requirements for sound reduction, design and mounting.


The H joint section (vertical joint) has a width of 35 mm.


Module sizes

Wooden doors are either 40 mm solid wooden doors or 60 mm solid 40 dB sound-rated doors. Glass doors are with 10 mm toughened glass or 12.76 mm laminated sound-rated glass. Doors can be delivered as M9 x 21. They can also be delivered with full height and other module sizes.