Triplan Lite E - EI

Fire tested, patented glazed wall solution in a stylish design 

If the requirements for fire safety are high, TRIPLAN LITE® with the properties E - EI is the right solution. Here the TRIPLAN LITE® glass wall system combines the simple and minimalistic design with high fire safety.



The glazed wall partitions are delivered with a single layer of glass, typically fire rated glass with thicknesses from 13 - 33 mm, depending on the fire rating wanted and the wall height. The wall is supplied with a narrow vertical transom in the same design as other TRIPLAN LITE® solutions.  


TRIPLAN LITE® E - EI is also supplied with fire rated junctions - both corners and vertical junctions are sealed with 4 mm fire rated clear or black joint.

Sections and door frames

Doors are supplied as steel frame glass doors. Doors may optionally be equipped with electric strike plates, electric lock cases, door closers, panic bars etc.

The TRIPLAN LITE® sections are always available in heights of 30 or 40 mm. In the TRIPLAN LITE® E - EI  solutions sections can also be selected at a height of 60 mm. The sections are  aluminium sections with two-piece bottom runners and are delivered as standard powder-lacquered in white RAL 9010, black RAL 9005 or anodised. Sections and door frames can be delivered in different colours, optionally stainless steel.


Module sizes

TRIPLAN LITE® E - EI standard doors are M10 but also available in full height.





Find more information in the TRIPLAN LITE® E - EI brochure


See the TRIPLAN LITE® E - EI drawings here



Wall typeRunner
Max. height
of glass
Sound rating
of glass
TRIPLAN LITE® E - EI30/40/60 mm42/49/56 mm13 - 31 mmUp to 3.5 mE 30 - EI 6038 - 43 dB
TRIPLAN LITE® E - EI30/40/60 mm42/49/56 mm17 - 31 mmUp to 3.5 mE 30 - EI 6039 - 43 dB

• (1) = Wall solution using transoms. (2) = Wall solution using taped junctions
• The sound reduction depends on which type of glass and which thickness of glass that is selected 
• Glass thickness depends on the height of the wall
• Glass height is indicative. Width and height ratios are interdependent. Contact Triplan



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