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TRIPLAN LITE® | WOOD  is a further development of TRIPLAN LITE®, a glazed wall system in a simple design with many abilities.


TRIPLAN LITE® | WOOD glazed wall system has runners, transoms and a door frame with a surface in solid, sustainable FSC-certified oak and is also available in other types of wood.


An elegant solution with an exclusive touch that is easy to install and easy to move and reuse.


A TRIPLAN LITE® | WOOD glazed wall ensures transparency, openness and flexibility in the layout providing an elegant and simple solution.


TRIPLAN LITE® | NEW YORK is produced as a standardized glazed wall system at Triplan’s own factory and it’s therefore quickly supplied. At the same time it’s easy to adjust individually so that you can have a customised solution that suits your project.



Find more information about the TRIPLAN LITE® glazed wall system here





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